Wednesday, 22 July 2015

FiM: Mo' Ponies 27

Watch here.

In this episode, Fluttershy is on a quest for courage, Derpy is searching for the apple thief and I challenge each of the Mane 6 at their special talent.

Like I've said in the video, Mo' Ponies has been away for a while because I haven't seen as many new games as I used to. So it would really help if you told me about any you think would be good for this series that I haven't already covered. You can find a full list of already used games here.

Mo' Ponies thread

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Fluttershy's Quest of Courage DEMO
Mystery of the Apple Thief
Cutie Mark Unmagic

Featured music:
MLP Fighting is Magic - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme by RC88

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