Sunday, 5 May 2013

One Channel Rant

While I'm making these posts, I might as well talk about the "upgraded" channel. After a while of not wanting to use One Channel I've now got it and making that banner wasn't too easy as it required me to make it 2560 x 1440 which is ridiculously huge. Also the size limit is 2MB so you can imagine how annoying it is to stay in that limit and keep it looking nice. What annoyed me even more was how YouTube compressed it and now it looks worse (plus the transparent background on my avatar not working isn't helping). To see what I mean, look at this comparison.

Another thing that rustles my Jimmies is how I can feature up to 4 social links and 1 other link. This may not be much on an issue at the moment on this channel, but on TMCFace I've got the issue of either featuring only one of the channels or the blog (which could go in social links). As you can tell, I've had to go with the blog as only featuring one of the channels would be rather unfair, but now you only see these links by going to the about tab, a tab I doubt most people think to look at.

Last but not least is the channel trailer feature. Why the hell would I need a trailer for my channel? Is this this going to show up before a film or something? If you're on my channel, chances are you've already seen one or more of my videos and you already know if you want to subscribe. If you haven't, then you'd just go and watch a video anyway. Also, what kind of trailer does one make for a Let's Play channel anyway? Clips of what I'm currently play won't work as I'd have to update it regularly and if I were to choose clips from games I've played, what ones do I pick without the video going on too long?

So ultimately I don't like this new layout and I kind of wish YouTube didn't feel the need to fix stuff that isn't broken.

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